• Image of Women's Bathroom Sign

A modern and attractive take on the standard bathroom door marker for your business. This 12" x 7.5" Women's bathroom sign is offset from the wall by 1", and includes 4 screws to mount it.

Comes in either raw steel, or clear coated (pictured) for an additional $25.

Be aware that each piece of steel is unique. This will include imperfections that occur in the manufacturing processes. Steel is handled and shipped to us via forklifts,semi trucks, and container ships, before it arrives at our door, light scratches and surface rust are unavoidable. Uncoated Steel will develop Rust over time, each piece will rust differently this is a natural process that we cannot control, nor guarantee. Steel Color and Surface quality varies. We take every step possible to ensure a clean and neat looking surface finish. Bare Steel has "Character" and "Patina" like an antique. We can't guarantee any two pieces will look exactly the same. We can offer full colored painting and powder coating on Custom orders for an additional fee, if you want that perfect even colored look.